Regulatory Policies & Training

BankersComply Lender Compliance Practice is designed to integrate a compliant operations management system within consumer and business lending operations.

The lender will be provided with policies and procedures, and trained to perform ongoing compliance and risk assessment reviews of its lending and servicing partners to identify areas of risk as they arise.

Our compliance practice is comprehensive and includes any or all of the following:

• Review of any existing policies and procedures

• Development of Policies and Procedures

• Training of management and staff

• Complaint Management System

• Lending program regulatory tracking and reporting

• Board reporting and training

• Vendor management

• …and more

A trained and compliant lending partner will rely on.

• BankersComply independent evaluations which protect against invalid assumptions and biases

• Customized reports that provide unique views of lending programs and identify areas at risk

• Creation and implementation of lending program policies and procedures with state and federal regulatory compliance in mind.

• Compliant operations management benchmarked against industry standards.

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